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Working after work!

It’s 17:12 and I just left the office. I have been thinking that I should start my blog now, or start writing an article now. I had this thought in my mind since yesterday. After lunch, I wasn’t so keen on writing, but I still thought that I would do it.

As the hour to leave work came closer and closer, I became more bored, angry at what code I was writing and tired of figuring out why half of the things I wrote produced only errors.

But this is nothing special, I feel like this every time I leave the office after 8-9 hours of writing code at my day job. You would think that I would get used to this process and not give it much importance.

I wanted to write something yesterday after I got home. But I did everything possible to avoid it. I took the trash out, cooked, washed some clothes and watched a movie. After all this procrastination, I went to sleep and I was thinking that tomorrow I will start writing this article, and that it wouldn’t take much effort and that I would enjoy it.

I am not sure if this feeling is experienced especially by programmers because we are paid to use our brains, and writing an article or working on a side project, you guessed it, it requires some concentration.

The last statement seems reasonable to me, but I don’t think it’s the full story. I have lighter days, but when I leave the office I still feel the same, as if I spent the last 9 hours extinguishing big fires.

I just left the office for today, so I should be feeling tired at this moment!

Based on this observation, I think that leaving the office gets us into a mental state where we don’t want to do anything productive. I mean it’s obvious, we just finished “work”, we are supposed to be tired and relax until tomorrow. To me this is an automatic response, that we learn by having a day job for a long period of time.

How did write this post? Even if I feel doing nothing?
SIMPLE! I haven’t left the office yet. After I finished my work for today, I just took my personal computer took a seat on a comfortable couch and started putting my thoughts of procrastination into this article.

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